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Ryan Soulier

Ryan Soulier

Financial Advisor

Ryan’s father worked in the oil industry. He left his home in south Louisiana for the booming oil industry of Ryan’s birthplace, Aberdeen, Scotland. Various stops were made between the United Kingdom and west Africa before Ryan lived on American soil for the first time.
For Ryan, it was instilled at a very young age that the world was a big place, yet interconnected. This global perspective still serves him well today. He’s learned that home may be a familiar place, but opportunities abound if you’re still willing to explore.

Now that he has a family of his own, Ryan sees the balance of learning all that the world has to offer while also seeing the value of establishing roots in Denton, TX. Ryan has an obvious passion for establishing authentic community. This is seen in both his personal life, as well as professional. Ryan says, “It is difficult for me to see a noticeable difference between getting to know a new friend over dinner and getting to know a client at the office. The process is the same. Listen well, learn a ton and enjoy the company.”

Leaving behind a previous career in the airline industry in 2006, he secured investment and planning credentials while working for a larger firm in Dallas, TX. He saw a growing need for sophisticated planning in the city of Denton while continuing to serve the surrounding areas. “It just made sense for my office to be close to home. I still get around the Dallas area, but starting and ending my day at an office near where I live and play is so dear to me.”

When not at work, Ryan loves being with his wife and daughters. They are active members of their church and have found many ways to be involved at his daughters’ school, Denton Calvary Academy. Ryan is a 2016-17 graduate of the Leadership Denton program which invests in educating and equipping the future civic leaders of the Denton community.